Riddles Series 2


1.Why do dogs bark?
2.Why don’t you write poems any longer?
3.Why do we have skin?
4.Why are grandpa’s false teeth like stars?


Riddles Series 1

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1.What is smaller than an insect's mouth?
View the answer Anything it eats.

2.What season is the most dangerous one?
View the answer Autumn. Because it is also FALL.

3.What's too much for me, just right for two,but nothing at all for three?
View the answer A secret.

4.On what day of a year do soldiers start wars in history?
View the answer March fourth. When a war breaks out,they'll have to march forth.

5.How many feet are in a yard?
View the answer It depends on how many people are standing in it.

6.What person tries to make others smile most of the time?
View the answer A photographer.

7.From what number can one take half and leave nothing?
View the answer The number 8.

8.What has hands but no feet, a face but no eyes,tells but does not talk?
View the answer A clock.

9.How many months have 28 days?
View the answer All of them.Each month has its 28th day.

10.Which horses have six legs?
View the answer All horses have forelegs(four legs) in front and two in back, so they all have six legs.